About Us

We take pride in delivering innovative, digital experiences that make an impact. Since 2014, we've proudly partnered with start-ups, SMB's, Large Corporates and everyone in between to unlock value through strategy, design and technology. We map a strategy, create a user friendly product experience, deliver reliable cross-platform solution with on-boarding and staff training.

  • What we do

    Our mission is to help you to achieve value through bespoke software and apps, whether that means pushing you to the front of your industry, earning you greater profits as a market leader or assisting you to realize long-standing projects and plans.

  • Technology

    We develop native mobile apps for IOS & Android using Objective C, Swift, Android SDK, AIDE, Android NDK, etc. For the backend, we utilise PHP, Node.JS, Java, .NET. For the frontend - React.JS, Angular.JS and JS. We provide adequate safety and quality assurance by default.

  • Outsourcing partner

    At WNC we pride ourselves on operational excellence. We actively look for projects where we can bring the added value of greater efficiency and operational enhancement. Our expertise lies in IT and Business Process Outsourcing. We can apply our IT expertise in highly efficient bespoke automation of tasks and processes. In reducing the effects of manual intervention, we improve the quality in all the processes we are involved in.

  • Our values

    We strive to fully understand our customers and their businesses, allowing us to propose the best solution - one that works. Our aim is not to maximize a budget. We offer you all the bells and whistles only if we know they are vital and valuable to you and your business. It's not a question of ethics, but one of common sense. You want to pay for what you need and we want to give that to you, so we are always straightforward with you and look for a win-win solution.

Our mission, vision, goal and motto are entirely dedicated towards a successful long-term partnership with customers aiming to be Partners in progress.